Will My Carpal Tunnel Come Back After Carpal Tunnel Release?

Will my carpal tunnel come back after carpal tunnel release? A quick online search of carpal tunnel and carpal tunnel release may leave you with more questions than answers. Many of the top listings on major search engines, usually sponsored advertisements to online businesses trying to sell carpal tunnel splints, provide very misleading and false […]

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Why Did My Rotator Cuff Tear?

You may have had a visit with a doctor, physical therapist, chiropractor, or orthopedic surgeon recently and learned that you have rotator cuff tear.  Or perhaps you had an MRI or ultrasound exam that found a rotator cuff tear. In addition to wondering what to do next, you probably also want to know how it […]

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Dr. Nelson’s Research Published in December Issue of HAND

Along with Dr. Richard Singer and a team of researchers including Samuel Gay, Scott Diamond MD, and and Mitchell Gauger MD, Dr. Nelson recently published their findings from a retrospective study investigating the relationship between common hand conditions, such as carpal tunnel syndrome and trigger finger, and undiagnosed or “pre” diabetes. Their study, titled “Warning […]

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Can I Have My Carpal Tunnel Released on Both Sides at the Same Time?

What do I do if I have carpal tunnel on both sides? Unfortunately, carpal tunnel syndrome is very common.  1 out of every 20 adult Americans has this condition, which can interfere with sleep, the quality of life, the use of the hands both at home and at work. Symptoms include numbness and tingling, especially […]


Announcing: January 10th Carpal Tunnel Open House

Join Dr. Nelson for a free, no obligation scanning open house on January 10th from 6-8PM at the Bone & Joint Surgery Clinic! While many struggle with hand and wrist problems, it is very difficult to get personalized, trustworthy advice. What is my diagnosis? What should I do? Who can I trust? NOW IS YOUR […]

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What are the advantages of ultrasound-guided carpal tunnel release?

What are the advantages of ultrasound-guided carpal tunnel release? Dr. Johnny T. Nelson offers ultra–minimally invasive carpal tunnel release under ultrasound guidance.  He is the first orthopedic surgeon in the Raleigh Durham area to perform this procedure, one of only two physicians in the state of North Carolina, and remains the only orthopedic surgeon offering […]


I Injured my shoulder! Should I rest it?

I injured my shoulder!  Should I stop working out? Should I wear a sling? Should I see an orthopaedic doctor? Depending on the circumstances surrounding your injury or pain, these questions may be swirling about in your head, and the answer to these questions could vary. Of course, very mild aches and pains can be […]


October 18th Carpal Tunnel Education Event – A Huge Sucess!

The October 16, 2022 scanning open house at the bone and joint surgery clinic with Dr. Johnny T. Nelson was a huge success! The lobby of the bone and joint surgery clinic was filled with attendees, some of whom drove several hours for the event, to educate themselves about carpal tunnel syndrome and for the […]

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Free Scanning Open House at Bone & Joint Surgery Clinic – September 13th

Free Scanning Open House at Bone & Joint Surgery Clinic – September 13th Do you wake up every night, shaking your hands out to make them stop hurting? Are you dropping things? Does pain or shooting electricity interruptsome of your favorite activities? More importantly: are you ignoring or suffering through these symptoms because you are […]


I Dislocated My Shoulder…Now What?

I Dislocated My Shoulder…Now What? Shoulder dislocations and shoulder instability can be a very scary event. Sometimes they occur after a bad fall, for some patients they occur while playing sports, and for other patients they can occur simply by placing your arm or shoulder in the wrong position. Fortunately, although shoulder dislocations can be […]

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