Tendonitis & Trigger Fingers

There are many important tendons in the hand & wrist, acting as “strings” that connect the muscles in the arm to the bones in the hand and fingers. These can become inflamed and painful, causing clicking, popping, tenderness, and serious discomfort. One example is “trigger finger,” causing popping with movement of the finger and pain in the palm or knuckle.

Standard treatments for tendonitis and trigger fingers include anti-inflammatory medications, sometimes splinting, and making changes to posture and daily activities.

Advanced treatments for tendonitis and trigger fingers include ultrasound-guided injections and tendon release. Most tendons glide through small “tunnels,” and if simple measures do not help the pain, often it is necessary to perform a small surgery and open the tunnel.

screenshot triggerDownload & Print: Trigger Finger, What You Need to Know, by Johnny T. Nelson MD

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